More than two decades ago, four college grads found themselves working in the medical imaging department of McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada. After experiencing the highly manual, error prone process of storing and sharing vital medical images, they decided to democratize access to medical imaging software solutions. Intelerad was born in 1999, pioneering cloud-based medical imaging.

While the company grew – expanding globally, surpassing 116K clinician users, and growing to over 500 employees – so did the healthcare industry. Organizations were facing an aging population, a deluge of point solutions, new value-based care models, clinician burnout, and more.

Our entrepreneurial roots wouldn’t let us sit idly by as these challenges emerged. We did what Intelerad was born to do – design and scale. Our team set out to further our suite of software solutions and build a platform to create a truly great imaging and diagnostic experience. Leveraging our strong financial backing, strategic acquisitions and experienced leaders, we began integrating advanced analytics and other specialties in order to develop the most scalable imaging platform in the world – one that would enable more collaborative care and help providers reduce administrative time while improving patient care.

Today, Intelerad is growing rapidly, and is dedicated to providing our customers with the most comprehensive medical image management platform in the industry. As part of our larger growth strategy, this past year we focused on bringing additional solutions into the Intelerad family to help healthcare providers deliver better patient care. The result is an enterprise imaging hub that supports our clients’ overall growth, and helps hospitals, health systems, medical groups and imaging centers achieve efficiency and stay connected.