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Intele • rad
(n.) Intelligence • in • radiology

No, we’re not a medical clinic.
No, we don’t sell radiology equipment.

In fact, we’re an international software development company specializing in medical imaging (radiology) solutions.

Our global headquarters are located in Montreal’s Quartier Latin, and we have other offices worldwide, including Seattle, Melbourne, London, Toronto, and Calgary.


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How it all began

Two decades ago, four innovative young men had just graduated from university. Their heads filled with new ideas, they had one unshakeable goal: making a difference in healthcare. Soon, they were all working in the medical imaging department of a well-known Montreal hospital. At the time, the medical imaging software sector was mainly ruled by the major industry players, with smaller health providers left behind. Instantly, they realized how they could achieve their goal.

They saw for themselves the growing need for quality healthcare, and how quickly medical technology was evolving. That’s when they decided they would democratize access to medical imaging software solutions.

How do we make a difference in healthcare?

Our solutions fit every business model. Our technology scales to the highest ambitions. From the day-to-day all the way to long-term strategy, our people have the expertise to foster our clients’ success.

Soaring imaging volumes. Radiologist shortages. Artificial intelligence disruption. A growing dependency on information technology. No matter how healthcare service providers are equipped to respond to these challenges, Intelerad helps meet them head-on.

We stand out.

Medical imaging technologist

Takes pictures of Tim’s heart before his surgery to repair a heart defect and sends them to the radiologist.

This solution provides highly customizable tool sets and a flexible interface that allows radiologists to customize their reading and reporting workflow.

« Being a full-stack software developer, I get to work on awesome new features using state-of-the-art technologies that improve patient care worldwide, it can't get any better than that. »

Sonny Ha, Senior Software Developer
Web Services, Montreal Office


Tim’s exam is automatically assigned to the radiologist specializing in cardiac imaging.

This solution manages the reading flow by automatically organizing each radiologist’s daily tasks, based on their certifications, specialization, workload, availability and other factors.

« Providing excellent customer service and forming relationships with customers allows them to trust that I will help resolve their issues as soon as possible so that they can provide better. »

Jen Hartmann
Applications Support Analyst, Seattle Office

Tim, Patient

Through this cloud solution, image providers grant patients access to a self-serve portal where they can view their exam history, images, and reports, and securely share them.

Designed to improve communications with referring physicians, this solution allows providers to monitor the status of their requests in real time, through the Patient Activity Dashboard.

« I work with a team of driven individuals who dedicate their time to developing proficient health care staff. We strive to maximize our clients' efficiency with our products. »

Caleb Jordan, Trainer


The cardiologist monitoring Tim’s file for several years receives his exam results and shares them with Tim.

The cardiologist monitoring Tim’s file for several years receives his exam results and shares them with Tim.

« It gives me a lot of satisfaction to lead the implementation of IntelePACS solutions to new or existing clinics and hospitals. For me, it means enabling our clients and their patients to benefit from our latest innovations providing them highly efficient quality healthcare.»

Honey Lane Ante
Client Project Manager, Melbourne Office

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